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The Voice of I AM


Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - Explanation of the Chart (Extract) Download

Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - Harmony in the Feelings (Extract) Download

Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - Health and Supply (Extract) Download

Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - The Need for Today (Extract) Download

Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - There Is No Death (Extract) Download

Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - Class Download

Guy W. Ballard (Godfré Ray King) - Guy W. Ballard / Godfre' Ray King / Lotus Ray King - Invocation / Great Divine Director / Invocation II / Love Star -1938 Download

William J. Cassiere (Bother Bill) - Class Download

Song of the Violet Flame ("I AM" Activity) Download

I AM Youth Choir ("I AM" Activity) Download




Gerardine Innocente - A very rare recording of a Dictation of Lord Gautama through Geraldine Innocente given in June 14 of 1953 Download

Gautama Buddha through the Messenger Geraldine Innocente, June 14, 1953

"Oh, beloved lotus flowers, resting on the bosom of the eternal God, I bow before the fragrance of your opening petals, in Gratitude for the Opportunity afforded Me to bring to you My Love!

"How long have I loved Life, and now you, I AM told by Those who govern the evolution of this planet, have signified before the Host of Heaven, that you are lovers of Life also. How happy I AM to find so many who have signified a love of Life.

"It is so long since I have spoken with people still wearing garments of flesh, that I can but convey to you, through feeling, My Love for you. To love Life is a beautiful gift, for it opens to you the gates to Immortality. I remember, as though it were yesterday, My early Life in that final incarnation in India, when through the kindness of My father, I was protected from the experiences by which I might comprehend the degradation and unhappiness in which Life, through My brothers and sisters, was forced to function, and I lived in a false, or artificial Garden of Eden, with My beautiful bride and My young son. I knew, within Myself, from the days when I had come from the Homeland, what the real and eternal Garden of Eden was like and so it was perfectly natural for Me to feel it externalized in the beauty of the palace and the courtyards, and I never saw a sick man, or a diseased body. I achieved My physical maturity without seeing an eye that shed a tear or knowing that there was the sordid exodus from the earth Life, which has been called death, and I was happy, indeed, inside My "cocoon." But one day Life opened the door and I was "privileged" yes, I say that word advisedly, I was privileged to look upon the conditions that have been created by the misuse of Life.

"You do not think that was an initiation? Coming suddenly and instantly - not through the course of My growing years, but seeing death in all its sordidness, and sickness and disease, and things which we will not describe, because your lovely Western world has them hidden behind closed doors, but in My land they are the written evidence of karma, and all who run may read.

"Then it was that I began to realize My Love for that Life, and I pursued that Love of Life through every realm and every Sphere, until I attained what has been kindly called "Illumination" and I was the first of the teachers, after the veil of maya had shut out the physical sight of the Presence and the Masters from the average man, to enter, consciously, into these Higher Realms, and through the assistance of Ananda, and later, one of the Kumaras, themselves, place, in worded form, something of what I had seen and knew as Truth, and it was in this measure that I became "the Teacher of Teachers" and so remain to the present day.

"I would like to take you on a journey this morning, inward, away from this world of form, until you stand in the Presence of that Stream of Electronic Light, which lives within that Holy Sanctuary in your heart.

"I want you to feel Its refreshing, raising, Peace-giving, purifying Power as you enter into the Holy of Holies, and know that Life unqualified by human consciousness. The psalmist has called it "the Secret Place of the Most High." You have referred to it as "the Unfed Flame" but it is a STATE OF PERFECT PEACE, the Center of your own being, from whence comes the Vital Essence by which your body moves, the Power by which your brain functions; the Peace that passeth the understanding of the mind, and the Love that is eternal and abiding.

"It has been My Message for twenty five hundred years, and it shall be My Message for so long as the Sun of Light chooses to sustain My individualization - that every man must find this Inner Sanctuary, and, finding it, abide therein, and then, alone, he is COMPLETE and at peace.

"You have heard of the 'Great Sacrifice' which I performed, to which Mr. Leadbeater and the beloved Edwin Arnold and other individuals have referred. I would like to speak, too, of that for a moment, in order that you may understand, as you become teachers of teachers, and wayshowers of men and women and children, in such vast numbers that I would hesitate to even mention it, lest again we have a tension through your very sincerity of the outer self.

"When I stood in the court of Sanat Kumara and offered to take upon Myself the necessary disciplines to become the embodiment of Love for a planet, the Angelic Host, the Devic and the elemental kingdom, I realized that I would have to make Sacred, through this Flame in My heart, all of the energies that I had used in all the incarnations I had known. And when you once understand that, it becomes a joy, because you become centered in this Fire of Purification and all the energy that is returning to you through the experiences of the day you sanctify by welcoming it, transmuting it, and returning it to your Causal Body, so that it may go out no more. You do not think that was strenuous - when I chose to so sanctify the energies which were the resulting effects of previous causes sent out to the periphery of My world in ONE incarnation, when it has normally taken hundreds of thousands of centuries. Some of you have felt the recoil of this energy, and you have resented it and battled over it, and you have become depressed over it, and wept over it, when there is no need - it is an Opportunity to sanctify the energy of your Life in preparation for the days that are yet ahead.

"Oh, that wonderful Law of the Circle - the outgoing energy passing through the Secret Flame of which I spoke, taking on the quality of your various bodies through the centuries that have been, and now, by the magnetic pull of your own Higher Mental Body, being called home - not to lash, or punish, or discourage you, but because through the doors of your own heart that energy might find Freedom. From your heart it came, and through your heart let it pass back into the Great Eternal.

"Blessed souls of Light, you have lived millions of years. If I could part the veil this morning and let you see that Electronic Light flowing downward into your heart, contacting every person within this room, and flooding the city, you would have some concept of the energies that you have unconsciously passed from your body while you are at rest and at peace, not to mind when you qualify those energies with a positive and dynamic feeling.

"You have now learned not to invoke those energies to injure Life. You have learned how to become harmless. But those previously-qualified energies must yet return home. It is the law of your Life, and here is a comforting thought - you can stop it in a moment. You do not have to make the 'Great Sacrifice' as I did, if you do not choose to do so.
"You stood before the Lord of the World and said, 'I shall sanctify the circle of My Life, through Love.' May I refer for a moment to your beautiful Violet Consuming Flame. In the East we have called It the 'Flame of Compassion and Mercy'. It is of such tremendous assistance in this redemption of energy.

"I wonder if it has been pointed out to you the approach of the soul required, before the Flame is set into action! It is a Flame by which you intend to purify your own miscreations and it is joyously and vigorously employed, but first set your own house in order. Forgive and balance your energies toward Life before you use it. My Son has said, 'Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.'

"Great numbers have gathered together, and in the Power of that Flame have asked for release, but how many have first entered into the Secret Heart Chamber and forgiven ALL of Life - that is the efficacy in Its use for you, My dear and sweet and earnest, lovely flowers in God's Kingdom. It shall be done unto you according as you do unto others, and this Violet Consuming Flame has not been manifested in Its full efficacy by any of My beloved Saint Germain's children, because the lifestream has not taken time to become the Mercy Flame first in feeling and in thought.

"You see, the Law, My precious hearts, is so impersonal, and yet so practical - what you wish for others you must GIVE FIRST, and you shall receive it. You are desirous of knowing Freedom, and precious hearts, that have suffered bodily distress and mental confusion, if they could but FORGIVE LIFE, then through the use of this Flame, they could be free in less than an hour!

"I thank you for your thought of Me. I thank you for your extreme patience. I thank you for your Light, because it is your Light that made it possible for Me to come. Oh, you are so lovely when you are seen with the inner sight, and if I were to ask of the Karmic Board one boon, it would be that you might see each other once, and know the sincerity in the desire for service.

"When I wore a flesh body, I had found that Peace sufficiently so that those who entered My Aura experienced, for a moment, a fleeting glimpse of Nirvana. When I forfeited that flesh body, I forfeited with it the Power to so carry that Radiation, but I AM going to ask now that it be returned, and say with My Son, 'Oh children, love you one another!'

"Love Life, trying to serve in whatever capacity you can. Enter into your action of the Sacred Fire first, sanctifying yourself before your Lord, cleansing your heart and your hands of seeming injustices, and then see the FULLNESS of Its release. Goodbye"

Maha Chohan and your Seven Sons. Download

Maha Chohan and your Seven Sons (Instrumental) Download


Maha Chohan, We Love You, Dear
And, Your Seven Sons Too
God’s Holy Grail, Love Without Fail
Flows From Their Hearts So True

O’ We Love You So, Beloved Morya
And We Love You Too Kuthumi, Dear
Deepest Gratitude to the Venetian,
Love’s Attention Draws Serapis Here!
Blest Hilarion, Human Shadows Gone
When His Flame Of Truth Appears.
To The Beloved Jesus
And Our Dear Saint Germain
All Our Love And Deep Devotion
Through The Years.

Maha Chohan God’s Comfort Flame
Floods From Your Heart At Our Call
Let Now Thy Dove,
Emblem Of Love
Bring Heaven’s Peace To All.

Maha Chohan, Your Sons Of Love
Pallas Athena, Dear, Too
Humbly We Bow, Possess Us Now
Raise Us In Light to You.

The Voice of I AM



La información de las siguientes Llaves Tonales se dio en por medio de Gerardine Innocente ("El Puente a la Libertad", en el periodo desde 1952 a 1961)


  • Panis Angelicus (Maestro Ascendido El Morya, Geraldine Innocente) Download
  • Pomp and Circumstance, No.1. (Templo de Voluntad de Dios) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (Arcángel Miguel) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Soldier's Chorus, Faust I (Templo de la Fe Iluminada y Protección) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Love's Old Sweet Song, Molloy (Retiro del Loto Azul/Manú Himalaya) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download


  • Kashmiri Song, Finden (Templo de la Sabiduría/Maestro Ascendido Kuthumi) Version 1 Download Versión 2 Download Versión 3 Download Version 4 Download
  • Evening Star, Tannhäuser Royal Teton (Templo de la Precipitación/Lanto) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • The Sweetest Story Ever Told (Arcángel Jofiel) Download
  • Song of India (Templo de Shambala/Señor Gautama) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Faith of our Fathers, Walton (Templo de la Iluminación/Dioses Meru) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (Señor Maitreya) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Indian Love Call (Maestro Ascendido Casimiro Poseidon) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download


  • Homing (Mahá Chohán y Pallas Athena) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • I Love You Truly (Maestro Ascendido Paulo el Veneciano) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Arcángel Chamuel) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (Arcángel Chamuel) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • At Dawning, Cadman (Templo del Comfort) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Marseillaise (Templo de la Libertad) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Caprice Viennois (Señor Sanat Kumara) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download


  • Liebestraum, Liszt (Templo de la Ascensión) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Celeste Aida, Aida, Verdi (Maestro Ascendido Serapis Bey) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • A Perfect Day (Templo de la Resurrección) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Ave Maria, Schubert (Templo de la Resurrección) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Intermezzo Cavallero Rusticana (Arcángel Gabriel) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download


  • Onward Christian Soldiers (Templo de la Verdad, Hilarion) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Whispering Hope (Arcángel Rafael y María) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • The Palms (Maestro Ascendido Lord Ling y Maestra Ascendida Amanecer (Mary Innocente)) Download


  • Joy to the World (Jesús) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Song "My Hero", Chocolate Soldier, Oscar Straus (Lady Nada) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Lullaby, Brahms (Arcángel Uriel) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Vienna Woods, Strauss (Juan El Amado) Download
  • Aloha Oe Hawaiian Song (Templo de la Paz /Surya) Download Versión 2 Download


  • Emporer's Waltz, Strauss (May be use for keynote of Saint Germain, Lady Portia) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Voice of Springs, Strauss (Templo de la Libertad Transilvania/Saint Germain, Portia) Download
  • In a Monestary Garden, Ketelby (Templo de la Misericordia/Kwan Yin) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download
  • Blue Danube (Templo de la Purificación de la Llama Violeta Versión 1 ) Download Versión 2 Download
  • Oh, How I Miss You Tonight (Arcángel Zadkie) Versión 1 Download Versión 2 Download


  • Música Armoniosa, recomendación del Mahá Chohán para la Paz, Armonía y Salud (The Lost Chord) Download






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